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This book in Russian, purports to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1920 Crimean exodus when more than 150, 000 people were forced to leave their country. They were exhausted, starved, sick, wounded, poorly dressed and empty handed; they lost their country; everything was taken away from them including their citizenship… The Nansen to be were on the way to nowhere.

And the Promise of the Bright Future fell upon their land.

The book includes:

Bely Noyabr (White November).
A play by Roman Petroff.
A group of elderly Russian emigrés leaving in a nursing home in the South of France (a submarine commander, a journalist, a member of the secret police and an artist) recall, each in his own way, the days of the Russian revolution. Each of them, for his own reasons agrees to stage a poetic adaptation of the Dead Souls.

The book also includes exhibits which deal with and underscore various themes discussed in the play such as Orthodoxy outside of Russia, the defeat of the Budionny cavalry in Northern Tavria, the leaders of the communist party, the collectivization, the camps, Gallipoli, the Russian corpus, Lientz… The documents come from previously published memoirs, biographies and other publications and literature.

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Novembre Blanc (White November)

A play by Roman Petroff

We are happy to introduce a French version of the play included in the Pamiatka 1920-2020 to our French speaking readers who have an interest in the Russian Revolution and the Civil War.